John Deere-Opoly

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Försäljning och frakt: Mainfreight Logistic Netherlands BV
"Bringing farm-time fun to a classic Opoly-style game, this collector’s edition includes plenty of properties to buy: from Planter Place to Combine Terrace and many more. Enhance them with farmhouses, or better yet, barns to collect even more rent from your opponents. You can attend Farmers Markets and Auctions and hope for a lucky card or roll the dice with hopes of landing on Land Inheritance: the space that can help anyone get rich quicker. And don’t forget to collect $200 when you pass Drive Green! This officially licensed set features John Deere equipment and plenty of other farming fun. Just be careful that you don’t get sent to “Hail”. Farm-themed game pieces include a tractor, combine, dozer, ear of corn, pig and a cow. Game made in the USA. Suitable for junior farmers ages 8 and older."
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